• SMO1000A Series


 Model No. Channels Logic Channels Bandwidth Real time Sampling Memory
2 - 100 MHz 1 GSa/s 14 Mpts
2 Optional 100 MHz 1 GSa/s 14 Mpts
2 - 200 MHz 1 GSa/s 14 Mpts
2 Optional 200 MHz 1 GSa/s 14 Mpts
  • Features

    Signal bandwidth: 100/200 MHz
    Sampling rate: Max. 1 GSa/s
    Record length 14 Mpts
    Waveform capture rate up to 60,000 wfs/s
    8.0” TFT LCD(800 x 480)
    Serial decode/trigger functions (I2C,SPI, UART,RS232,CAN ,LIN)
    Independent vertical scale & position control knobs for each channel
    Smart Trigger functions: Window, Runt, Interval, DropOut, Pattern
    Advanced math operations (FFT,d/dt, integrate, square root)
    High Speed P/F function.
    Channel waveforms&its FFT display on split screen.
    36 parameters of automatic measurements
    Built-in (full bandwidth) hardware frequency counter
    Built-in waveform (10 kinds) generator with the max. frequency 25MHz
    Standard Interface: USB Host USB Device: Support (USB TMC, PictBridge) LAN(VXI-11), GPIB, Pass/Fail, Trigger Out.