• SHO1000 Series


 Model No. Channels Bandwidth Real Time Samling Memory Data Recorder
2 Isolated 60 MHz 1 GSa/s 2 Mpts 7 Mpts
2 Isolated 100 MHz 1 GSa/s 2 Mpts 7 Mpts
  • Features

    Functions as Oscilloscope, Multimeter and Recorder (TrendPlot and waveform Recorder).
    Isolated Channel technology provide isolation from ground and isolation between channels
    5.7 inch TFT color LCD display
    60 / 100 MHz Bandwidth, 1GS/s real-time sampling per channel, up to 50GSa/s equivalent sampling rate, 2Mptsmemory depth
    6000 counts Multimeter, provides measurements of VDC, VAC, IDC, IAC, Resistance, Diode, Capacitance, Continuity
    32 automatic waveform measurements, 3 cursor measure modes
    Math functions: +, -,×, ÷, FFT operations
    Standard setup interface: USB Device, USB Host
    USB storage update, PC communication and Pict Bridge print are available
    Rechargeable battery and battery charger / line power adapter included