HF-8060 V5 RSA
Remote Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 6GHz



Product Features

Continuously streaming and storing from any spectrum of interest
Allows the monitoring of multiple sites from one centralized location
Eliminates trips to difficult locations
Measured data transfer over TCP / IP
Up to 24TB data storage inside the remote unit
Optional I/Q GENERATOR up to 6GHz
Samplerate/second: > 5 million
Polyphase Filter Technology
Up to 175MHz Real-Time bandwidth
POI below 1μS
Real-time Remote Software with unlimited resolution incl. views (working
at the same time): "3D Waterfall”, "Waterfall”, "Histogram”, "Spectrogram”
19" standard module with one height unit only (1U)
Extremely low noise (up to max. -170dBm/Hz DANL with amplifier)
Wide frequency range starting from 1Hz up to 20GHz
Customizable Alarm-, Trigger- and Limits-Function

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