Pulse Rider PG-1000 series

The Pulse Rider Series offers premium signal integrity with the easiest to use touch screen display interface. The Generation of pulses requires only a few screen touches.
The output Voltage can be adjusted up to 5 Volts pk-pk in a window of ±5 Volts with 70 ps edge rate and transitions with minimal overshoot and ringing.

Product Features

2/ 4 channels
< 70 ps rise/fall time (20%-80%)
Adjustable output level from 200 mVpp to 5 Vpp
Adjustable baseline offset ± 2.5 V
Repetition rate up to 240MHz
Pulse width from 300 ps to > 1 s
Width resolution 10 ps
continuous, single, burst, gated, external trigger mode
Trigger in to output jitter < 35ps RMS
Touch Screen display and Soft Keyboard

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    Pulse Rider PG-1000 series