Impulse winding Tester 1.2kV



Product Features

Impulse voltage of 100V-1.2kV, single channel
Individual channel can be program and control
Minimum inductance test value of winding: 10microHenry
Up to 200MSa/s waveform sampling rate
Maximum measuring speed: 6meas/sec
Storage depth of 6k Bytes
High bandwidth analog acquisition circuit
High-fidelity corona extraction algorithm
Four waveform comparison methods
Automatic storage of instrument parameters
Measurements on voltage, time and frequency
Amplification, stretch and movement of the waveform for accurate display
Multi-sample average, average processing of 32 standard waveforms
Use demagnetized impulse to ensure the conformity of tested waveforms
20 groups of instrument files storage in USB-disk
Foot control interface to realize on-line operation
65k colour 7' TFT wide display screen
RS232C, USB Device and LAN interface to realize remote control.

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