SME1290 Series
High Resistance Meter, 6 1/2 Digits, 1MΩ –10TΩ


Product Features

  • 6½ Digit measurement resolution
  • Four measurement modes: high resistance meter,
  • voltmeter, ammeter, electrometer independent current and voltage measurement
  • Built-in voltage source: ±1000V, resolution: 700μV
  • Current range: 20pA-20mA, current resolution up to 0.1fA (10^-16A), the internal resistance voltage drop in the lowest current range <20μV
  • The measurement resistance is as high as 10PΩ (10^16Ω), and the charge measurement is as low as 2nC. The input impedance is >200TΩ
  • Support voltage measurement up to 20V, temperature and humidity measurement
  • Time domain view, capture transient signal effects and select specified measurement data to support datarecording

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