GE-AC & DC Grid Emulators

GE-AC & DC is the combination of two products in a single cabinet:a GE-AC and  a DCPS. The equipment can be used alternatively in AC or in DC providing the highest exibility

Product Features

7.5 –200kVA / 6.75-160kW
4 Quadrant Power Supply
Regenerative up to 100% rated power
AC Output:  25 to 277 Vrms, phase-neutral
                     43 to 480 Vrms, phase-phase
                     up to 230Arms per phase
DC Output: 1 channel Output:20 to 750V, 0 to ±555A
                     3 channels Output: 20 to 750V, 0 to ±185A/ch
                     Bipolar Output: -350 to +350V, 0 to ±185A
                    +270V/0/-270V Output: for Avionics application.

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