EMC Bundle 2
Far field EMC measurement kit up to 9,4GHz incl. EMC antenna

Far Field EMC Measurement Kit for all EMC measurements up to 9,4GHz incl. EN55011, EN55022 etc.. With Analyzer-Kit, BicoLOG EMC antenna and software with limits display.
This EMC bundle saves expensive and time-consuming EMC laboratory costs!
Be perfectly equipped for any measurement challenges like:
  •     EMC Pre-Compliance measurement (EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc.)
  •     Estimation of interference field strength
  •     Verification of shielding and filtering

Product Features

  • 1x SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4
       Frequency range: 1MHz (9kHz with Option 900) to 9,4GHz
       Incl. Option 002 (TCXO)
       Incl. Option 020 (internal PreAmp)

  • 1x SPECTRAN NF-5030
      Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz (30MHz with Option 010)
      Incl. Option 005 (DDC)

  • 1x HyperLOG 60100
      Frequency range: 680MHz to 10GHz

  • 1x BicoLOG 30100E
      Frequency range: 30MHz to 1GHz

  • Including EMC Analyzer-Software for MAC-OS, Linux, Windows and all needed cables & accessories.

All Pre Compliance EMI/EMC test solution Products

  • HM 6050-2

  • HZ 530

  • HZ540/HZ550


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