EMC Bundle 2
Far field EMC measurement kit up to 9,4GHz incl. EMC antenna

Aaronia AG
Far Field EMC Measurement Kit for all EMC measurements up to 9,4GHz incl. EN55011, EN55022 etc.. With Analyzer-Kit, BicoLOG EMC antenna and software with limits display.
This EMC bundle saves expensive and time-consuming EMC laboratory costs!
Be perfectly equipped for any measurement challenges like:
  •     EMC Pre-Compliance measurement (EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc.)
  •     Estimation of interference field strength
  •     Verification of shielding and filtering

Product Features

  • 1x SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4
       Frequency range: 1MHz (9kHz with Option 900) to 9,4GHz
       Incl. Option 002 (TCXO)
       Incl. Option 020 (internal PreAmp)

  • 1x SPECTRAN NF-5030
      Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz (30MHz with Option 010)
      Incl. Option 005 (DDC)

  • 1x HyperLOG 60100
      Frequency range: 680MHz to 10GHz

  • 1x BicoLOG 30100E
      Frequency range: 30MHz to 1GHz

  • Including EMC Analyzer-Software for MAC-OS, Linux, Windows and all needed cables & accessories.

All Pre Compliance EMI/EMC test solution Products

  • HM 6050-2

  • HZ 530

  • HZ540/HZ550


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