Megapulse 1.2x50-7PF
EN60960 Surge Tester , 1.2x50 output: 1kV-7kV at bulk cap

  • MegaPulse 1.2x50-7PF, bulk cap voltages of 2000-7000V, 1.2x50uSec Voltage Waveform, 39 ohm 1 chnl. Designed specifically for testing to IEC 60950 including the Australian Deviation.  Includes self-regulating high-voltage power supply for more stable voltage control.
  • Optional TestMinder PF computer control and 1000:1 Oscilloscope output (reference only).  Option IER equips the tester with a switch compliant with IEC 60065, Fig. 7B.
  • In accordance with the requirements of IEC 60950, IEC 62368-1 and ITU-T Standards, the meter reads the bulk capacitor voltage.  The output voltage will be less (see Datasheet). 
  • Calibrated at bulk cap voltages of 2kV and 7kV only to reflect the test points of IEC 60950 and the Australian Deviation.  ISO 17025 Calibration available.

Product Features

  • Up to 7kV test voltage on bulk cap.
  • Microcontroller technologies, front panel voltage meter and polarity indicator.
  • Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency.
  • Cables, manual and calibration certificate included.
  • Output voltage selected digitally on the front panel.
  • Integrated High Voltage on hold circuit.
  • External interlock disables HV output and defeats test when circuit is open.
  • Optional USB Testminder, computer control.
  • One year calibration cycle.
  • One year warranty.

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