Bidirectional High Performance Power Supplies with Active Energy Recovery


Product Features

Maximum Voltage: 1000 V
Maximum Current: 600 A
Maximum Power: 300 kW
Highly dynamic DC source and load
1 channel and 2 channel versions available.
Operation using touch screen or interface
Galvanic isolation using medium-frequency transformers
Sense function for stabilization of voltage drops in the line
Operation as source/sink or just source (1st quadrant) or load (4th quadrant)
Continuous transition between source and load operation
Regulated source and load operation
Adjustable internal resistance regulation
Output for status signals such as enable, disturbance output status
Output regulation configurable
Water cooling for approx. 18 °C supply temperature
Output floating and short-circuit-proof
Power multiplication possible using parallel operation of several units

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    SM15K series