AC DC Hipot & IR Tester





Product Features

Output voltage: AC:5kV/100mA;  DC:6kV/25mA
Test voltage of insulation resistance:0.05kV-5.00kV DC
Test range of insulation resistance:1M -50Gohm
High voltage floating output
Rapid Discharge and Arc detection
100 groups of test setups, 50 steps per group
RS232, USB, LAN, PLC interface
7 inches 800x480 dot, TFT-LCD display


All AC & DC High Voltage Tester (HIPOT) Products

  • SME1110

  • SME1120

  • SME1120-4

  • SME1120-8





  • HT-5000P ac/dc 200mA

  • HT-10KVPac/dc