SM6027A DC bias For LCR Meter
DC bias Current Source


Product Features

  • Provide 0-20A of constant current output.
  • Extreme refined current step: 5mA : <1A, 25mA: <5A, 100mA: <20A.
  • Adopting a new generation AC/DC superposition test theory to adapt test requirements for high precision and high frequency.
  • Current output mode: single current, step scan.
  • Adopting new designed friendly graphical operation interface and providing multiple operation practice.
  • Providing real-time operation mode for all parameters and settings without waiting.
  • New file management system with easy, prompt and accurate operation.
  • Providing two kinds of SCPI command modes with good adaptability.
  • New foot control mode with 5 control modes.
  • Excellent tailing capability and extendability, additional slave superposition depending on the demands.
  • Offering dual-progress bar indication and corresponding small tools.

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