CDN Accessories
Coupling and decoupling devices

Types and Interconnnected lines

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M2+ M3 : Unscreened supply (mains)
AF2, AF4, AF6, AF8 : Unscreened nonbalanced lines
S1, S2, S9, S25 : Screened lines
T2, T4, T8 : Unscreened balanced lines
RJ11, RJ45 : Unscreened data lines
RJ11/S , RJ45/S, USB : Screened data lines

Product Features


All Conducted RF Immunity Test Equpiment Products


    CDG 6000/ 6000-75


    CDN-EMCL 20 Accessories


    CDN Accessories

  • RFIC-4-6