CDG 6000/ 6000-75
Conducted disturbance test generator



Product Features

according to IEC / EN 61000-4-6
Frequency range 150 KHz to 230 MHz
CDG 6000-75 with 75 W amplifier
Output voltage (CDN or coupling clamp) :- CDG 6000 I max. 15 V with 80% AM, (25W amplifier) CDG 6000-75 II max. 40 V with 80% AM, (75W amplifier)
Computer-based system (controlled by USB): - Unequalled flexibility, easy operation, fully expandable for future standards modification. Easy integration in automated measurement and test systems
Self calibration of the test system
RF-generator, amplifier and RF-voltmeter may as well be used as stand-alone devices
Connections: - External multimeter for monitoring EUT - EUT fail – TTL/CMOS compatible input (stops running application or sets a frequency mark) - External modulation signal
Calibration of coupling / decoupling devices is performed automatically:- A mounting plate with 50/150 Ohm passage and a calibration adaptor are necessary, depending of the used CDN.
Extensive additions like attenuators, calibration kits, etc. deliverable.

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    CDG 6000/ 6000-75


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