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Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation


Product Features

A profile is a voltage/current curve that the power supply’s output should emulate. There are three methods to generate a power profi le in the PPPE software:
Automatic voltage current profi le calculation from reference parameters
Autosequencing through power profi les, at user-defined rate
Graphical profi le view and real-time output with advanced graphical viewer panel Compatible with Magna-Power Electronics programmable
DC power supplies including the:
  • SL Series (1 kW - 4 kW)
  • XR Series (2 kW - 8 kW)
  • TS Series (5 kW - 45 kW)
  • MS Series (30 kW - 75 kW)
  • MT Series (100 kW - 2000 kW+)
EN50530 V-I curve generation model
Curve interpolation for smooth transitions
SCPI command export for solar emulation functionality in LabVIEW
Data logging
Curve import and export
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