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MegaPulse Antenna Surge PF 65
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MegaPulse Antenna Surge PF 65

MegaPulse Antenna Surge PF 65

MegaPulse Antenna Surge Tester PF 65, 10kV pulse derived from a 1nF capacitor; including the 4M ohm load resistor required by IEC 60065.  Designed specifically for testing to IEC 60065 Fig. 7,  IEC 60950 Annex N and IEC 62368-1 Annex D.

The IEC 60065, Fig. 7a, switch S is our IER design, designed and built in compliance with IEC 60065, Fig. 7b.  External interlock is supplied as standard equipment.

Optional TestMinder PF computer control allows the 50 cycle test program to be conducted.  Optional 1000:1 Oscilloscope output (reference only)

The meter reads the peak output voltage.  Please reference Waveform data in "Manuals" link below.  
Calibrated at 10kV peak output voltage. ISO 17025 calibration available. 

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