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Isolation Amplifier
A 1340-C1

A 1340-C1

Isolation amplifier


Product Features

3-port isolation amplifier (input, output, USB/network) with optionally selectable input and output potentials
Input instrument amplifier with high-power common-mode suppression and switchable gain of 1, 2, 5 or 10
Great small-signal band width from DC to > 1.7 MHz
High slew rate of > 20 V/μs
Purely analog signal transmission, i.e. no switching signals in the output signal
Low output noise of < 1 mVpp
High input resistance > 1 MΩ for low source load
High offset stability achieved through temperature control of the offset variables
Automatic offset compensation possible at any time at the push of a button
Full remote control via USB interface (emulated COM port) optional
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