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Magnet Power Supplies
Heinzinger Electronic GmbH, Germany


High Precision Power Supplies for Magnet Applications



Max. Voltage


Max. Current


PCUM 50-100

0 – 50

0 – 100

PCUM 50-200

0 – 50

0 – 200

PCUM 50-300

0 – 50

0 – 300

PCUM 30-340

0 – 30

0 – 340

Product Features

Extremely precise power supply for magnets
Maximum Voltage up to 50V
Maximum current up to 340A
Modular system, parallel operation to increase output power possible
Zero-Voltage-Switching Technology
Maximum accuracy and stability (<10ppm/8h)
Temperature coefficient <10ppm 
Optimum ratio between power density/accuracy
DCCT current measurement
Programmable current ramp function
2-part LCD display with text indicator
Analog (0...10V) and digital interface (RS422)
Controller configuration/load balancing possible
Last setting memory
Air cooling (optional water cooling)
Trigger input for measurements signals
Output short-circuit and open-circuit proof
Pole-reversal unit for switching polarity optional
Various voltage/current combinations
Customer-specific variants
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