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Pre Compliance EMI/EMC test solution
HZ 530

HZ 530

EMV Near Field Probe set upto 1 GHz

The HZ530 Is the ideal toolkit for the investigation of RF electromagnetic fields. It is indispensable for EMI pre-compliance testing during product development, Prior to third party testing. The set includes 3 hand-held probes with a built-in pre-amplifier covering the frequency range from 100kHz to over 1000MHz.
The probes-one magnetic field probe, one electric field probe, and one high impedance probe - are all matched to the 50W inputs of spectrum analyzers or RF-receivers. The power can be supplied either from batteries, Ni-Cads or through a power cord directly connected to an HM5010/5011/5012/5014 series spectrum analyzer.

Signal feed is via 1.5m BNC -cable. When used in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer measuring receiver, the probes can be used to locate and qualify EMI sources, as well as evaluate EMC problems at the breadboard and prototype level. They enable the user to evaluate radiated fields and perform shield effectiveness comparisons. Mechanical screening performance and immunity tests on cables and components are easily performed.

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