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Conducted RF Immunity Test Equpiments


Conducted Immunity Test System


The RFIC system comprises a PC controlled synthesiser unit (the RFIC-4-6), Power Amplifier (RF0250), CDNs to suit the application and a Windows compatible software package.

This system fully complies with IEC61000-4-6. In addition it includes 4 channels of EUT monitoring with results plotted against frequency, active display of power output level and stress level, high speed USB interface and the ability to work with either 'conventional' CDNs or 'enhanced' CDNs.

This new development utilises the latest software and hardware techniques to provide an exceptional level of performance and flexibility with all results available within the Windows environment for ease of display, recording and documentation.

Product Features

Exceptionally user friendly system

Completely integrated

Features 'Enhanced' techniques for accuracy and efficiency

Full range of CDNs available

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