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CISPR 15 3-dimensional loop antenna van Veen


Model No.


HXYZ 9170

3-dimensional large loop antenna, diam. 2 m, acc. EN 55015 / CISPR 15, Socket and Coaxial switch recommended

HXYZ 9170 Sockel

Socket and mounting equipment for large loop HXYZ 9170

HXYZ 9170 Umschaltbox

3 in one coaxial switch for manual / remote operation including cable set (3 BNC cables with braid current blockers) for large loop HXYZ 9170

HFCD 9171

Calibration Balun / Dipole for HXYZ 9170 (recommended accessory: AM 9144)

CDA 9271

Adapter to hold HFCD 9171 on AM 9144, 3/8’’ female large camera thread.


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