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B2C Series

B2C Series

Bidirectional battery chargers

The Bidirectional Battery Charger is a regenerative AC/DC converter designed to generate a controlled DC output from 12 to 750V. Its main application is the charge and discharge of batteries, or other DC storage systems. It produces important energy savings in battery testing or characterization when regenerating the stored energy to the grid.

Product Features

6.75 – 160 kW
2/4 Quadrant Power Supply
Regenerative up to 100% rated power
1 channel Output:  20 to 750V, 0 to ±555A
3 channels Output: 20 to 750V, 0 to ±185A/ch
Bipolar Output: -350 to +350V, 0 to ±185A
+270V/0/-270V Output: for Avionics applications
BC, CV, CC, CP, CR modes
IUoU and Equalization battery charge modes
Constant current or power battery discharge
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