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Nissan and Renault antenna set to test immunity against handy transmitters according to Nissan specification 28401NDS02 [6] and RENAULT 36-00-808/L (combined set) consisting of normal mode helical antennas, counterpoise, SBA 9113 with 420NJ elements and transport case

VW TL 82166 2009-05 7.3 Antenna Set

The antenna kit for testing immunity against hand-held radios acc. to Volkswagen standard TL 82166:2009-05 consists of the following parts: For the frequency range 26-174 MHz matched normal mode helical antennas are used. For frequencies from 360 MHz and beyond the broadband SBA 9113 mini version with 420 NJ elements is used.

420 NJ

Elements for radiated immunity caused by hand portable transmitters with SBA 9113 or SBA 9113 mini version for the Ford standard RI115 (Ford EMC CS 2009)


Wireless Immunity -Wand- Antenna acc. To Dell Specification -SYSTEM IMMUNITY TO WIRELESS GSM TEST REQUIREMENT-800 MHz -2 GHz

RS 9244

Radiating source for CISPR 25 Edition 4, consisting of a 500 mm brass rod with 4 mm diameter and 2 aluminum angles with N-connectors.


CR-11 Diamond mobile antenna, 26 - 28 MHz according to Toyota Standard TSC7006G


CR-6 Diamond mobile antenna 50 MHz according to Toyota Standard TSC7006G


SB-14 Comet mobile antenna 50 MHz according to Toyota Standard TSC7006G


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