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AC&DC Multi channel Hipot Tester


Product Features

 8-channel withstand voltage parallel output.

 Parallel 8-channels and each channel is isolated from other channel.

 Each channel can be extended by a four-channel scanner.

 Support 4 four-channel scanner at most and one instrument can be extended to 128 channels.

 Four-channel scanner supports contact check function.

 Single output power: AC:5kV/10mA; DC:6kV/5mA.

 Insulation resistance test voltage: 0.10kV -1.00kV.

 Enhanced security: electric shock protection.

 Rapid discharge and arc detection function.

 Arbitrarily set voltage rising time and test time in 999.9 seconds; freely set waiting time for  insulation resistance.

 Key-Lock Function.

Display the PASS/FAIL result of each channel independently and the total result   simultaneously.

  Store 100 test files and each file can hold at most 20 testing steps.

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