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Grid Emulators
GE & EL + vAC

GE & EL + vAC

AC Grid Emulators with Electronic Loads



AC Power (Rated)

AC Current (Rated RMS)

Per Phase/ Parallel

GE&EL + 7.5vAC

7.5 kW

11A/ 33A

GE&EL + 10vAC

10 kW

15A/ 45A

GE&EL + 15vAC

15 kW

22A/ 66A

GE&EL + 20vAC

20 kW

29A/ 87A

GE&EL + 30vAC

27 kW

40A/ 120A

GE&EL + 40vAC

40 kW

58A/ 174A

GE&EL + 50vAC

50 kW

73A/ 219A

GE&EL + 60vAC

54 kW

80A/ 240A

GE&EL + 80vAC

80 kW

116A/ 348A

GE&EL + 100vAC

100 kW

145A/ 435A

GE&EL + 120vAC

108 kW

157A/ 471A

GE&EL + 160vAC

145 kW

211A/ 633A

GE&EL + 200AC

160 kW

232A/ 696A

Product Features

Allows work as Grid Emulator or as an Electronic Load
Bidirectional and Regenerative 
13 models from 7.5kW to 160 kW
Operation Modes: Full 4-Quadrant AC Grid Emulator
                                  Power Amplifier for Power HiL
                                  Full 4-Quadrant AC Electronic Load
Modbus/ Ethernet Open protocol, Labview drivers

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