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Impulse Winding Testers


Four Phase Impulse Winding Tester 5 kV


Product Features

Impulse voltage of 100V-5kV, four channel
Individual channel can be program and control
Minimum inductance test value winding:10┬ÁH
Up to 200MSa/s waveform sampling rate
Maximum measuring speed: 6meas/sec
Storage depth of 6k Bytes
High bandwidth analog acquisition circuit
High -fidelity corona extraction algorithm
Four waveform comparision methods
Automatic storage of instrument parameters
Measurements on voltage, time and frequency
Amplification,stretch and movement of the waveform for accurate display
Multi sample average, average processing of 32 standard waveform
Use demagnetized impulse to ensure the conformity of tested waveform
20 groups of instrument files storage and retrieval
Screen information storage in USB disk
System firmware up gradation facility through USB-disk
Foot control interface for easy measurements
Handler interface to realize on-line operation
65k color 7" TFT wide display screen
RS232C, USB Device and LAN interface to realize remote control

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