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SESD 30000

SESD 30000

30kV ESD simulator

The ESD simulator SESD 30000 can be used for EMC tests on systems and installations according to the standards IEC / EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605 (Automotive). The flexible set-up of the SESD 30000 allows further tests according to different standard and customer definitions.
♦ Capacity modules available up to 1000 pF
♦ Resistor modules available from 50 Ohm up to > 5 kohm; Special module 0 Ohm (only for air discharge)
♦ Automatic polarity switching module (optional)
♦ Fast Rise Time module to 0,3 ns (optional). Possibility of stricter and more aggressive tests (e.g. ANSI)
♦ Desktop control unit with a big display and digits which are easy to read
♦ All modules are being electronically recognised – the result is shown on the display
♦ Ergonomic grip with big trigger key
♦ Big keys for easy and fast parameter adjustments
♦ User defined adjustments possible as following: contact discharge with contact control or external triggering via separate key
♦ Remote control including RS 232 optical set with 10 m fibre optics cable and control software (optional)
♦ Self test of the ESD-generator, adjustment by remote control or service menu

Product Features

30 kV air discharge and 30 kV contact discharge
Version SESD 30000 - A Battery and / or main operation
Optional: automatic charge absorber
Plug- in R and C networks - it is possible to combine various C - modules and R - modules
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