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S7530 & TR7530

S7530 & TR7530

Vector Network Analyzer 3 GHz , 75 Ohms

S7530 & TR7539 are 75 Ohm analyzers that is portable, lightweight and affordable, yet extremely accurate and feature-intensive, making it ideal for various applications within the Cable and Satellite TV industries, including equipment development, manufacturing, and repair.
Virtual VNAs are designed for operation with an external PC. The measurement module is separate from the processing module, bringing the measurement results to any Windows based machine via virtual UI using our software. This allows the user to take advantage of the processing power, bigger display, and more reliable performance of an external PC, while simplifying maintenance of the analyzer.

Product Features

Test port connector: N-type, 75 Ohm, Female
Frequency range: 20 kHz — 3.0 GHz
Measured parameters: S12, S11 , S21, S22 (S 7530) ; S11 , S21 (TR 7530)
Dynamic range of transmission measurement magnitude:125 dB
Measurement time per point: 200 microseconds
Output power adjustment range: -55 dBm to +5 dBm (-6 dBmV to +53 dBmV)
Up to 200,001 measurement points per sweep
Frequency offset mode for mixer/converter measurements
Fixture simulation: embedding and de-embedding
Gating as a standard feature
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