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Near Field Probe


Near Field Probe Set

The RF100 probe set consists of a passive E field probe and H field probe, BNC adaptor and carry case. The output is via a BNC socket. These are general purpose probes which are ideal for use in conjunction with an EMC measuring system. They are sensitive to sources in close proximity, but are insensitive to background signals. This makes them ideal for the identification of emission frequencies in noisy environments... thus making measurements easier and quicker. The proximity requirement also enables sources to be located and the exit route identified.
For greater sensitivity, the probes can be used in conjunction with the SA1020 pre-amplifier. A BNC-BNC adaptor (included with the kit) enables direct connection to the pre-amp.

Product Features

Essential accessory for EMC testing and product evaluation
E and H field probes included
Works with any analyser or receiver
Identify emission sources
Identify potential problem frequencies
Perfect 'sniffer probes'
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