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LCR Meter


Product Features

  • Maximum test frequency of 1MHz
  • Resolution of 10mHz
  • Balance test function
  • Transformer parameter test function
  • Maximum test speed: 13ms/time
  • Automatic level control (ALC) function for V and I
  • Test signal level monitor function for V and I
  • Built in DC bias source
  • External DC bias source of large current
  • 10-point list sweep function
  • Selectable internal resistance of 30 ohm, 50 ohm  and 100 ohm
  • Maximum measurement speed up to 30 meas/sec
  • 22 parameter combinations
  • Internal file storage and external USB-disk file storage
  • Test data can be saved to USB-disk directly
  • RS232C, USB, LAN, HANDLER, GPIB, DCI interface
  • 4.3 inch TFT LCD Display
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