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FFT 3030

FFT 3030

9 kHz to 300 MHz EMI Receiver


Product Features

Compact unit designed and manufactured compliant to CISPR 16-1-1.

FFT Scan Mode compliant to CISPR 16-3.

Peak, Quasi-Peak, CISPR Average, RMS and CISPR RMS Detectors.


Tracking Generator.

Advanced software for EMC testing.

1Hz PRF CISPR 16-1-1 calibrated pulse weighting.

FFT 3030 EMI Receiver is ideal suited for measurement of electromagnetic interference in accordance with the requirements of CISPR 14-1 (household appliances industry) and CISPR 15 (lighting equipment industry) standards.

Further to conducted emission measurements from 9kHz to 30MHz with LISN, CISPR 14-1 standard requires radiated power emission measurements from 30MHz to 300MHz with absorbing clamp, CISPR-15 standard requires radiated emission measurements from 30MHz to 300MHz with CDN method.

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