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A 1110-16-QE

A 1110-16-QE

4-quadrant voltage and current amplifier


Product Features

Fully configurable and operable by means of the supplied software
Output voltage max. 75 Vpeak
Output current max. 28 Apeak
Output current 55 Apeak / 500 ms
Symmetrical input
Series / parallel input connection in case of higher voltage / current requirements
USB port as standard (LAN interface optional)
Auto-commutating voltage supply
Voltage / current monitor output
6 configurable configuration networks for inductive loads in current amplifier mode
Voltage amplification: 10 ± 0.1 % (± 0.01 % /°C) 
                                       [Option ultra stable gain: 10 ± 0.1 % (± 10 ppm/°C)]
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