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A 1230-01-2-CH

A 1230-01-2-CH

4-quadrant voltage amplifier


Product Features

Broadband lab amplifier for ohmic and complex loads
Ideally suitable as downstream equipment for function generators
Output voltage up to 75 Vpeak
Output current up to 5 Apeak
Addition of two inputs with 50 Ω and 100 kΩ input resistance, respectively is possible
A preamplifier output (Bridge out) allows for simple bridge circuit structures
Full remote control possible through USB port
2 supply voltages
Voltage amplification: 20 ± 1 % (± 100 ppm /°C) input 50Ω
                                          10 ± 1 % (± 100 ppm /°C) input 100 kΩ
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