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2800VDC High Voltage Tester


Product Features

High precision leakage current, duration and ground continuity settings.
Allows no load setup of leakage current and test dwell times.
Once entered, ground continuity setting, leakage current and test dwell times can be referenced on the front panel display when unit is not testing.
Leakage currents can be set from 1-5 mA DC in 0.
1mA increments.
Dwell times can be set from 1-60 seconds in 1 second increments.
Two tests with one setup. Conducts UL/CSA Ground continuity and Hipot tests with one setup, so no additional equipment is needed.
Small and light. 9.25" wide x 4.75" high x 10" deep. 14 lbs. But rugged enough to test manufactured housing.
Ground continuity check is defeatable for testing two-wire products.
Easy equipment connections. Plug your equipment right into the NEMA plug on the front panel. No adapters needed! J2 and J3 cords allow connection of pigtail power leads.
Simple test outcome judgement. Green lights mean pass - red lights mean fail. Failing tests sound a buzzer as well.
Ready for your UL Inspector out of the box. NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate to MIL-STD45662-A is included. Cal cert is in accordance with UL guidance.
Operation Instructions are printed on the rear panel for easy reference.
In-depth testing. Both true Arc Dectection and Leakage Current circuits test the product to find problems.
RED lights and a buzzer leave no question if a failure has occurred.
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