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Automatic Transformer Tester


200kHz Automatic Transformer Tester


Product Features

Frequency Range: 20Hz– 200kHz, 0.5mHz resolution
Signal amplitude range: 5mV to 10Vrms, 100μV resolution
Test speed is up to 75meas/sec.
Wider impedance test range and better stability for small signal test
Built-in 0-100mA/0-10V bias source (standard) or 1A bias source (optional)
Diode P/N characteristic detection can test all parameters of network transformer.
Improved high turn ratio and weak coupling transformer test ability
Improved DCR test ability for low-ohm winding
On single screen all test results.
To display one or two groups of primary and secondary parameters is selectable in LCR test.
Flexible time-labeling system: time of file setting, calibration and deduction can be saved.
Sort the selected scanning parameters
Self-test scanning fixture relays and ensure they work well.
Flexible deviation and deduction modes
Single parameter test cycle can be used to test a separate winding.
Two separate passwords for administer and operator can improve test security and reliability.
Internal memory for up to 200 setting files and external USB memory for more
Test data and graphs can be saved as CSV, GIF format to USB memory.
The built-in software provides analysis abilities, such as Cpk, Cp and Ck.
To program setting files through PC
7-inch 16:9 TFT LCD display with a resolution of 800×480
Compatible with optional  SMA1805A and SMA1805B 20-pin transformer scanning fixtures
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