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100 MHz Isolated Channel Handheld DSO


Product Features

Functions as Oscilloscope, Multimeter and Recorder (TrendPlot and waveform Recorder).
Isolated Channel technology provide isolation from ground and isolation between channels
5.7 inchTFTcolor LCDdisplay
100MHz Bandwidth, 1GS/s real-time sampling per channel, up to 50GSa/s equivalent sampling rate, 2Mptsmemory depth
6000 counts Multimeter, provides measurements of VDC, VAC, IDC, IAC, Resistance, Diode, Capacitance, Continuity
Support Scope Trend Plot, Meter Trend Plot and Scope Recorder
Automatic and manual trigger modes
Trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative
32 automatic waveform measurements, 3 cursor measure modes
Math functions: +, -,×, ÷, FFT operations
Standard setup interface: USB Device, USB Host
USB storage update, PC communication and Pict Bridge print are available
Rechargeable battery and battery charger / line power adapter included
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