• LCR Meters
  • LCR Meters

    Scientific offers wide range of LCR meters and Impedance analyzers from 100Hz to 50MHz frequency range. The product range includes reliable & compact hand held LCR meters to bench top precision Impedance Analyzers from accuracy range 0.25% to 0.05%, equipped with  advance features like sorting, binning,  sweep frequency, transformer parameter measurement, PLC & RS232 interface.



Types of LCR Meters

 Model No. Test frequency Measurement modes Accuracy Test level
100Hz/ 1kHz L, C, R, Z, Q, D, theta 0.25% 0.3 Vrms
100Hz to 25kHz L+Q, C+D, R+Q, IZI+q, R+X, G+B, N+q, N-1 +q, Vs+Vp, M, L+AL 0.20% 0.05 – 0.5 Vrms