• Function Generators
  • Function Generators

    Scientific offer wide range of function generators from 3 MHz to 10 MHz in  general purpose and multifunction. Selection of waveform shapes apart from standard sine, triangle , square to ramp, pulse are  available. SM5071 , SM5074 , SM5061 & SM5075 have built-in auto ranging frequency counter. The outputs are protected against short circuits and overload. These function generators exhibits , very good frequency stability over time and temperature variation. SM5074, SM5061 and SM5075 display set amplitude , in additions to other settings displayed.  SM5061 is Programmable Function generator , which give remote control over all the parameters. This allows SM5061 to be used in ATE ( Automatic Test Equipment ) set up. Various modulation techniques can be used to learn and use in applications. 

    All these function generators are designed , produced to give best  price to performance through out their lifetime.



Types of Function Generators

 Model No. Frequency Waveform Generation Modulation Frequency Counter
3MHz Sine, Square, Triangle, DC Internal Sweep and External FM Modulation 15MHz