SME1300X series
Programmable AC Power Supply



Product Features

Linear Output, Flexible & Convenient operation, 
Numeric keypad, Coarse and fine adjustment knob 
Manual / program control mode output function, Timing output function, 
Dimming mode output function, Surge and notch function
Front panel output function
Boot hold function 
Multiple protection modes : set the current protection (HI-A), 
Over voltage Protection (OVP), Low Voltage Protection (LVP), 
Over current protection (OCP), Over power protection (OPP), 
Over temperature protection (OTP)Features 
Remote input and output functions
Remote input: Input control of 7 groups of memory
Remote output : Pass, Fail, Processing, internal output switch
Store setting parameters and test results 
Support USB to upgrade the instrument firmware
Memory capacity : Manual 50 groups 
Program control : 50 groups, 9 steps/ group
24-bit colour, 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 color LCD Screen

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    SME1300X series

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