High Precision Power Supplies for Magnet Applications


Product Features

Extremely precise power supply for magnets
Maximum Voltage up to 50V
Maximum current up to 340A
Modular system, parallel operation to increase output power possible
Zero-Voltage-Switching Technology
Maximum accuracy and stability (<10ppm/8h)
Temperature coefficient <10ppm 
Optimum ratio between power density/accuracy
DCCT current measurement
Programmable current ramp function
2-part LCD display with text indicator
Analog (0...10V) and digital interface (RS422)
Controller configuration/load balancing possible
Last setting memory
Air cooling (optional water cooling)
Trigger input for measurements signals
Output short-circuit and open-circuit proof
Pole-reversal unit for switching polarity optional
Various voltage/current combinations
Customer-specific variants

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    PTN3p / PTNhp - Series