• Programmable DC Power Supplies

    Scientific offer range of robust and reliable power supplies for Industrial and R& D applications from world renowned Delta Elektronika BV. For applications from test table to 24x7x365 days continuous operation. Comapct , very high efficiency,  light weight with excellent line - load regulation , low ripple works over wide AC mains input typically 90 V to 265 V are standard features. These power supplies are remotely controllable over RS232 , IEEE488 , Ethernet apart from analog programming. These power supplies can be connected in series or in parallel for higher voltage or power reuirements. Typical applications where power sinking is required , with option power sink optional, it offer robust solution to application like DC Motors controlled by PWM circuits.



Types of Programmable DC Power Supplies

 Model No. Power Voltage Range Current Range Input Voltage
DCX Series 800W NEW
800W 20V to 600V 80A to 2.67A Single Phase, Universal Input Range
DCX Series 1600W NEW
1600W 10V 160A Single Phase
220W Triple Output: 32V × 2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V ×1 3 x 0 - 3.2A Single Phase
220W Triple Output: 32V x 2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V ×1 3 x 0 - 3.2A Single Phase
ES150 Series
150W 0 - 15V to 300V 0 - 0.45A to 10A Single Phase
150W 2 x:0-20V, 1 x 0-10V 2 x 0-2.5A, 1 x 0-5A Single Phase
ES300 Series
300W 0 - 30V 0 - 10A Single Phase
SM800 - Series
800W 0 - 7.5V to 400V 0 - 2A to 80A Single Phase
SM1500 - Series
1500W 0 - 15V to 400V 0 - 4A to 100A Single Phase
SM3000 - Series
3000W 0 - 15V to 300 V 0 - 10A to 200A Three Phase
SM3300 - Series
3300W 0 - 18V to 660V 0 - 5.5A to 220A Single / Three Phase
SM6000 - Series
6000W 0 - 15V to 600 V 0 - 10A to 400A Three Phase
SL Series
1.5kW to 6kW 0 - 5V to 1000V 0 - 1.5A to 250A Single / Three Phase
XR Series
2kW to 10kW 0 - 5V to 10000V 0 - 0.2A to 600A Single / Three Phase
TS Series
5kW to 45kW 5V to 4000V 0 - 1.2A to 2700A Single / Three Phase
MS Series
30kW to 75kW 5V to 4000V 0 - 7.2A to 4500A Three Phase
MT Series
100kW to 2000kW+ 16V to 4000V 0 - 24A to 24000A Three Phase